Knitting In The New Year: Bringing It Home

This weeks Knitting In The New Year post is focused on things that beginner knitters can make to brighten up their homes and interior spaces. Who doesn’t love a little bit of DIY home decor? I have been thinking about this a lot lately since I just moved in to a new apartment with our master knitter here at Wild Fibre. While Paige is pretty amazing at working those knitting needles, my specialties lie in other areas. However, now that we are roommates she has me learning how to be just as good as she is! I thought it would be great to focus that knitting energy on projects that would enhance our new apartment, and help to make it a unique space that suites the ladies who inhabit it.

First up is a super easy dishcloth to jazz up those kitchen counter tops. We featured the leafy dishcloth in last weeks post, and although this diagonal knit dishcloth is simpler in shape, I just love the variety of texture that it showcases.

diagonal knit

diagonal dishcloths

These are so so so super easy to make and are a great way to add a handmade touch to either your kitchen or bathroom counter top, or draped over a small towel bar! The pattern for this dishcloth is free on Ravelry!

Next up is this amazingly simple and adorable striped blanket from Purl Soho.

hudson bay blanket

The Hudson Bay Inspired Crib Blanket has that sort of simple sophistication that makes it work in the bedroom, cuddled up on the couch, or poring over the paper at the kitchen table.

hudson bay blanket

I really like the bold colors that they used in these pictures, but I would also love to see a more monochromatic stripe pallet! Maybe a couple different shades of coral or sea-foam greens? Any way you make it, this blanket is sure to add a personal and colorful touch to your home. You can get the pattern on Purl Soho’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING blog, The Purl Bee.

Our last project to share also comes from the Purl Bee. If you couldn’t tell, we are huge Purl Soho fans. They sell a wide variety of knitting, crochet, weaving and stitching supplies and accoutrements, and they have fabulous taste. Their blog is a plethora of ideas and inspiration that makes me drool on the daily. I aspire to be more like them every day, and I say that without shame. This next project is one that I will most definitely be trying out, the Big Stitch Knit Rug.

BIg Stitch knit rug

Seriously though, how cute is this?? I can feel my little toes sinking in to this rug just looking at this picture.

big stitches


This simple slip stitch pattern will baffle you with how easy it is to achieve, and all your friends will be amazed at your abilities. Making an, often times, large item like a rug will always impress people. The yarn used for this rug is Bag Smith’s Big Stitch Alpaca. It is a great mix of natural alpaca, wool and nylon which gives it a really rustic and homey appeal. The cream color that is shown here lends to a really modern look, but the yarn is also available in some beautiful earthy colors. So get knitting and sink your toes in to this!

Knitting In The New Year

Happy New Year everyone! New Years for us is about fresh starts and new beginnings, about enhancing the old and beginning new endeavors. There are a couple of resolutions (or affirmations as we like to say) that we have been talking about here at Wild Fibre. A few of these involve our physical health, like quitting smoking or drinking more water. However we believe that the more important resolutions are those that focus on mental health and well-being. As artists and crafters the best thing you can do for your brain is exercise it, and what better way to do that than to learn something new! This week we will be focusing on knitting for beginners. Whether you have already tried your hand at a few things, or have never picked up a pair of needles in your life, we have lots of great patterns, tools and resources to share with you to help you hone your skills and knit in the new year!

Lets start with sharing our absolute favorite beginners knitting book, Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook by Debbie Stoller.

Stitch 'N Bitch

This book is really well-known in the knitting community, because its awesome! (DUH). It is full of really comprehensive instructions  for all the basics of learning how to knit, as well as a great collection of patterns that will get you on your way to being a knitting master! Her instructions are extremely easy to understand and are written with a fun attitude that will make you giggle. After you go through that book you can check out one of her other books, Stitch ‘N Bitch Superstar Knitting: Go Beyond The Basics, which will have your working those needles like a pro.

Next up we have two awesome patterns for you that are great for a beginners level. The first is the leafy dishcloth. These wash cloths are real easy and super cute!

Leaf Washcloths

Leaf Washcloths

This is a great project for beginner knitters who are ready to move beyond the traditional square or rectangle, and they make really great gifts. The other thing I love about this is that the simple shape lets you play around with colors if you want to! You can get the pdf of this pattern by clicking Here.

The next pattern we are sharing with the world today is this easy reversible scarf from Turvid. This pattern in available for free on Ravelry.   The great thing about this scarf is that it is easy to achieve the texture, especially if you are a seriously beginner knitter and do not yet have the courage to try your hand at cables, or other more complicated stitches.

Reversible Scarf

You can find the link for this scarf right here.

Check back here in the next couple days for more patterns, inspiration, and some cool resources for beginning to knit in the new year!