Color Palette: Seafoam + Coral

So I just found out that I am heading to Miami for a weekend in June, and decided to put together a beachy, bright, Miami-esque color palette for project inspiration. Fun sea-foam green and peachy coral tones are super trendy right now, and I love the preppy bold statement they make.


This color scheme makes me think of beach cabana’s, sunshine, and ocean waves. The perfect combination of things for the upcoming summer season!

Color Palette: Blood Orange and Slate

Hey everyone! Hope your month is off to a great start! We are starting this cool new blog feature where we put together beautiful color palettes to inspire your next projects! Whether its something to knit, crochet, or decorate we hope these compilations put sweet ideas in your brain!


Today’s color palette makes me think of a garden party on a cloudy day. Dark slate greys are made brighter by splashes of juicy blood orange. These would be the perfect colors for a late summer/early fall wedding or party. I am not usually a huge fan or orange hues, but the deep red tones of blood oranges are made rich and inviting when paired with stormy greys.