Awesome and Easy Crocheted Rugs

Happy April! Spring is here and the warm weather is returning to us down here in Savannah! Just because we are taking off our hand-knit hats and scarves doesn’t mean we stop making things! Spring means nature coming to life. It means sandals and iced coffee; garden parties and fun new projects! We realized that we have been so into knitting projects lately and thought the perfect way to start out the new month would be with a fun crochet project!

For a lot of people Spring is not only a great time to don some fresh new fashion, but also a time to spring-clean and redecorate! One of the easiest ways to spruce up a room is to throw a colorful and pretty rug on the floor, so here are some of our favorite options.

crochet edging

My next project is definitely going to be an over-sized doily rug. They are just so charming and feminine! The one above is made by Heins Home , and they also make really great little ottomans and stools. What I love about this project is that you could potentially find any sturdy fabric you like to add this lace edging to! It is a lot less crochet work, but you still get that beautiful lace-like feel. Although they don’t offer you this pattern, there are tons of edging patterns you can use on Ravelry and the like. I found this one that seems pretty similar to the one above.

doily rug

I am in love with this chunky crochet doily rug from Ladies & Gentlemen Studios! It looks like something your toes could just sink into, and it would add such a dainty touch to any room. I am envisioning them in all different sizes, it would be so cute to have little mini ones all over the house!

t-shirt crochet rugs

tshirt crochet rug detail

These colorful lovelies are a great crochet project because, if you are like us, you have a ton of old t-shirts and fabric bits that can be used to create this colorful rug.  I love how the many different colors work together, and the nubbly texture gives the rug a sort of hippie-dippy hand-made feel. This project comes from Olino Hobby, which is a Russian blog, so although you may not be able to read the instructions, if you already know how to crochet there are easy-to-follow pictures at the bottom of her post.

Cherry blossom applique

rainbow applique rug

whale applique rug

When I found the King Soleil Etsy shop I almost died! They make these adorable crocheted rugs with all kinds of great appliques added on to them. This is a great project for a more basic crocheter. You can make the simple circular crocheted base, and then add all sorts of embellishments to them. The cherry blossom and rainbow rugs above look like the embellishments have been crocheted directly onto the rug base, which is simple and also allows you to let your imagination and crochet hook get a little wild. The whale rug is perfect for a little boys room and in their shop they allow you to pick from a variety of different whales. However, you could cut out any shape you wanted to sew onto your rug, how about a name or inspiring phrase?

turquoise doily rug

Last, but not least, I wanted to include this pretty little doily rug from Camille Designs. Since we are on this doily rug kick, i thought this was a perfect example of a more intricate lacy pattern in a fun color besides white. She has a ton of great little rugs in her shop, so check them out!

Fiber Focus : Sea Cell

We have many different fibers in our shop that are perfect for spinning and felting. While we keep a stocked inventory of different types of cotton and wools, we also like to experiment with more obscure and interesting fibers. Today we are taking a look at the possibilities of sea cell! Sea cell is a fiber that is harvested from different forms of seaweed and algae. Honestly, there is not a lot of concrete information out there on the exact process of how this amazing fiber is manufactured. All the companies that produce it seem to want to keep it an “industry secret” However, the little information I have gathered says that they basically grow large amounts of algae in giant tubs of water. They then drain the algae, chemically treat it, and then process it into an amazingly lustrous and lofty fiber!

raw seacell

Although the manufacturing process is somewhat of a secret, the benefits of using this material are widely boasted. It is known that seaweed in general is full of nutrients that are really good for your skin. Cosmetics products that use seaweed improve blood supply to the skin and activate skin cell metabolism. The textile fibers are porous and open, which promotes humidity intake and release. A garment made of sea cell will absorb what your skin expels, while you skin absorbs the healthful and nutrient rich properties that the fiber emits.

spun seacell

Above is some sea cell yarn that Paige spun into a beautifully shiny and light-weight yarn that is soft as cotton and luxurious as silk. There is something really sexy and simple about the pure undyed, hand-spun yarn that this unique fiber makes. Paige and Sarah thought this yarn would make a great element for lingerie, and made a beautiful sea cell thong, and camisole to match. Sexy fiber nerds unite!

sea cell thong front

sea cell thong front

thong back

thong back

sea cell cami front

sea cell cami front

cami front detail

cami front detail

I love how the hand-spun nature of yarn translates into a really unique lace.

cami back detail

cami back detail

lace knit detail

lace knit detail

In our project we used the undyed sea cell fiber, but there are companies that sell beautifully dyed sea cell yarns that shine like no other. One of our favorite companies is Hand Maiden, which sells an incredible sea cell/silk yarn called Double Sea.

hand maiden

The two color ways that we carry in our shop are Hemlock and Phoenix. Although they cost a pretty penny, these hand painted yarns add an element of luxury to anything you make with it! There are so many possibilities with the innovative sea cell fiber!

hand maiden detail

(btw : most of the information I gathered came from this blog and this website.)