Color Palette: Blood Orange and Slate

Hey everyone! Hope your month is off to a great start! We are starting this cool new blog feature where we put together beautiful color palettes to inspire your next projects! Whether its something to knit, crochet, or decorate we hope these compilations put sweet ideas in your brain!


Today’s color palette makes me think of a garden party on a cloudy day. Dark slate greys are made brighter by splashes of juicy blood orange. These would be the perfect colors for a late summer/early fall wedding or party. I am not usually a huge fan or orange hues, but the deep red tones of blood oranges are made rich and inviting when paired with stormy greys.


New Roving!

lagoon sliver

Just a quick post to let you know that we just received a big shipment of roving! New materials include steel grey alpaca top, some delicious new undyed extra soft merino, and white welsh top ready for you to dye! We also replenished our stock of brown welsh top, Jacob wool, raw white romney top, and a variety of dyed wool in some sweet new colors! Come check it out all you spinners and felters!

mint sliver

Seed Stitch Obsession

seed blanket

Seed stitch knits have been all over this past winter season and we love the stubbly, nubbly texture that this stitch lends to any textile! This is Purl Soho‘s Double Seed Stitch Blanket and it is the perfect blend of class and comfort. The gentle pearlescence of their Oyster Gray Super Soft Merino + the simplicity of the double seed stitch = a blanket that adds a chic and cuddly element to any room! Imagine the color possibilities!

seed blanky 2

seed 3

Purl Soho provides you with this pattern (plus a lot more amazing projects) on their blog. Here is another super sweet project from them, the seed stitch wrap! We love the different fields of color in this over-sized wrap. It is the perfect example of this simple stitch working well with different yarns and colors.



This pattern calls for four different types of yarn, which really shows off the versatility of seed stitch, and all of which are for sale on their website!

gap tastic

A couple of months ago Gap was selling these awesome loopy cowls in a ton of bright colors. We found this free pattern on Ravelry that is modeled after their product because who doesn’t love name brand fashion for half the price?

seed stitch rug

The nubbly texture that seed stitch creates makes a warm wearable textile, but can also make a great addition to your home decor. This mini seed stitch rug from A Crafty House is too adorable, simple to make, and makes a great accent in any room. Not to mention its soft and cushy under your toes! I am making one of these ASAP!

seed stitch rug 2


Valentines Day Color Inspiration : Pink and Grey

You wont find any bright red construction paper hearts here! As valentines day approaches and we decorate our store accordingly, we have been looking for tasteful color palettes that aren’t your average red and white. We agreed pretty much immediately that we love the look of more muted reds and pinks with sophisticated greys. We are huge fans of The Sweetest Occasion blog. One of our favorite features of that blog is her collection of party palettes, and we found one in her collection that pretty much embodies exactly how we see valentines day color!


sparkling cranberry and dove

What is so endearing about this color palette is that the deep red and soft pinks capture the romance of the holidays, while the grey and ivory bring in the chilly winter weather!

pink door

grey and pink room

I love how the different grey tones really make the pink accents pop!


rustic and feminine.



Even the bright fucshia looks classy with the dark grey!

New Year, New Yarn

Just a quick post to let you guys know about the awesome new inventory we recently got in our store! Yummy new colors and interesting fiber content are the name of the game, check it out!

blue sky jewel

If you know us, then you already know that we absolutely love Blue Sky Alpacas ! Well, we just got a whole new shipment of their deliciously soft and sumptuous alpaca silk in a whole range of yummy colors including (from left to right) black, slate, plume, white, brick, garnet, and peacock. These yarns are super soft and have a beautiful silky sheen to them.



worsted cotton

Also from Blue Sky, we got some new colors of their light and lofty worsted cotton! In colors like lemonade, honey dew, Mediterranean and ladybug, how could you not want to knit these up into something delicious?




Our featured yarn in the store this week is the amazing Lustra by Berroco. This 50% Peruvian wool 50% Tencel yarn has a luxurious shine an ultra soft handle. We are currently carrying this yarn in over 10 different colorways, and for a limited time it is 15% off! So come get it while it lasts!



nettle and hemp

Also new on our shelves are these all natural, hand-spun hemp yarns and nettle yarns from Frabjous Fibers. These yarns look really interesting and textural when knit or crocheted, but we are really curious to see how they look when some one puts them on a loom. How about you come pick up a ball and try it?



wool and nettle

The last yarn on our new arrivals list also has a fiber content of partly nettles, but is also about 65% wool.  This is Plymouth Yarn‘s Woodland yarn, and its earthy colors are perfect for your wintry projects!

Come down to the store to get your hands on some of our awesome new offerings!

Three Ways – One Scarf

We just got this amazing yarn in from Classic Elite! Its called “Chalet” and has a fiber content of 70% baby alpaca and 30% bamboo viscose. For all you non-fiber people, that pretty much means that it is super duper soft! The really unique thing about this yarn is that it is interlocked, which means it sort of looks like it has been chained with a crochet hook, but really it is a method of spinning.

the four colors we carry

the four colors we carry

Paige, our manager and knitting ninja, whipped up a scarf out just one skein of this lovely stuff! She calls it the One Hour Scarf, because it literally took her an hour to make. The pattern is really simple, adding the fringe is even easier, and there are three ways you can wear it! She used the color third from the left, called steel grey. Come on in to the store to grab a skein, and we will provide you with the pattern for free!

slip knot simple knot wrap around