Loopy Mango Valentine’s Sale!!


If you know anything about us here at Wild Fibre, then you know our heart belongs to Loopy Mango, specifically their gorgeous Big Loop yarn. And we know you love it, too. So, as an early Valentine’s Day gift to all of you, every Loopy Mango Product in store will be 20% OFF the entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day! That’s right, 20% off all Loopy Mango purchases between February 9th until February 14th. And, as an added bonus, all preorders for Loopy Mango made at Wild Fibre between now and Valentine’s Day will also receive that 20% off, just in case the color or yarn you want isn’t in store. So come on in today and start shopping!

All sale items in store will be first come first serve only; all preorders must be made by 5pm Friday, February 14th to be eligible for sale price.

The Renegade Craft Fair : WildFibre in Brooklyn

REn sign


I recently got to spend about a week adventuring around Brooklyn! I’ll admit, I went there to see family and celebrate my birthday, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to have all kinds of fiber related fun times. The very first thing on my list of things to do while I was there was hit up the Renegade Craft Fair. There were more than 300 vendors inhabiting the East River State Park on Sunday, more than enough awesome makers selling their one of a kind wares! Here are some highlights from the afternoon!


One of my goals for the craft fair was to find something unique I could bring back to Georgia to represent my Brooklyn roots! When I happened upon the Snash Jewelry tent I eyeballed this necklace immediately.  There is something so J. Lo about it that I just adore, and she gave it to me for a great price when she saw that light in my eyes! Shanna Nash is her name, and she makes all kinds of great jewelry with an edge, like these sweet dagger necklaces!

dagger neckalce

Snash Jewelry


Type A Fibers

Type A Fibers

Type A Fibers

One of the first tents I came upon was Type A Fibers. She hand spins and dyes all these beautiful yarns in her Jersey City Studio, and it was great meeting an artisan who got as excited about fibers as I did! All of her yarns have really lovely color variations and some of them utilize a really interesting coiling technique that create a really sturdy and textural yarn. She gets all of her fiber locally as well! You can check out her Etsy shop with the link above!


F&A Printing

Paige and I are both huge Song of Ice and Fire fans, so of course I had to snap a picture of these screen printed tees by F&A Printing. I love the one with the Targaryen dragon names, and the House Bolton tee is so awesome! If you were in a great House of Westeros, which would you be in? Take your pick and then head to their website to get that Game of Thrones swag!


Little Studs by Ginger Metzger

Little Studs by Ginger Metzger

Little Studs by Ginger Metzger


I was so amazed when I stumbled on the Little Studs tent! She was sitting there crocheting these sweet little earrings, and I am definitely looking forward to getting something from her Etsy shop! She also attached her teeny creations to hairpins which is definitely right up my crazy curly-haired alley. I am always baffled by people who can work on such a small-scale, so kudos to you, Ginger!










I just love the stubbly nubbly texture of Urban-Revisions glass jewelry. The rings and necklaces come in beautiful feminine color palettes that are perfect for the summer season. What really caught my eye was their lovely little hanging pieces., perfect for hanging individual flowers or plant life. Could you imagine a collection of these hanging from an outdoor space? so pretty!



The Michiko Shimada tent had all kinds of great little ceramic pieces. Including these sweet little porcelain twig spoons!

There were two other tents I loved perusing, but did not get great pictures out of. The first one was the Fabric Horse tent. You are probably familiar with their utilitarian and stylish utility belts. Everything is made in Philadelphia, and they re-purpose things like old seat belts to make accessories for the urban commuter. I happen to own one of their U-lock holsters, and it is super handy and sturdy.

fabric horse

fabric horse


fabric horse

fabric horse


The other tent I stopped into was for the British brand Zeena. She makes really great Scandinavian inspired printed textiles, and other little products like crafting tapes and pin cushions!







I had such a great time at the Renegade Craft Fair! I only wish I had more funds and time to stop and see everything!









DIY Roundup : Pin Cushion Projects!

As knitters, crocheters, stitchers and sewers we thought we would round-up some fun DIY projects for something we use quite often, pin cushions! There are some really cute options out there, since the only things you usually need are fabric, stuffing and some sewing thread. Who doesn’t love an easy DIY project that spruces up your studio space? All of these also make great gifts, and are awesome projects for crafters on a budget.

cake pin cushion

Our first DIY pin cushion comes from Australian fashion and craft magazine, Frankie Magazine. I mean, what is cuter than a tiny piece of cake? I would love to see a whole family of mini desserts next to my sewing machine. They have a sweet blog and website chock full of great photography, fashion, and craft inspiration and I am often on this website for hours at a time.

pin cushion jar

These pin cushion jars are all the rage right now. They are great because you can store all sorts of other sewing  notions inside the jar, and make the simple pin cushion out of the screw top. We also thought that these would make great party favors at a crafty event, or the perfect hand-made gift for your crafty friends. This project comes from the Funkytime blog, via Little Pin Cushion Studios. Putting a unique stencil on your pin cushion jars is a great way to personalize your project!

Alpaca pin cushion

This little cutie is by far my favorite pin cushion in this round-up. The possibilities are endless!! Mini desserts are cute, but how about a whole zoo of pin cushion animals?? The best part is that you can use whatever bits and bobs you have around the house to dress your little animals up. Want. Need. Must. Make. This tutorial comes from Small Good Things. Genius.


vintage frame cushion

This pin cushion project from Beach Vintage is a great way to recycle any pretty vintage fabric you may have lying around the studio. You can get mini frames from any local craft store, and this would work with any frame size. Very grandma chic.


cactus pin cushion

I know, I know, all these things are almost too cute to handle. This cactus pin cushion would look great on your sewing table, and I love that it is held in this little mini flower-pot for extra cuteness factor. I also love that she uses different but coordinating fabrics to bring all the elements together. I found this tutorial on Costuramor, which is in Spanish, but the pictures are easy to follow, or you can translate it using Google.


pin cushion ring

as if pin cushions weren’t utilitarian enough, Pretty Prudent had to go and make these super easy, super cute pin cushion rings! These are a fast project, and put all your pretty pins that much closer to your fingertips!



Sweet Stash Bags

Paige and Emma have been hard at work constructing and stitching these sweet little stash bags! They are the perfect accessory for carrying around your crafty tidbits. Emma uses hers for her scissors and embroidery supplies, and Paige tends to fill them up with left over yarns and other little knitting notions. They will soon be for sale in our shop, and hopefully online (once we get our Shopify set up). Who doesn’t love something handmade to carry around their crafty supplies?






French Knot Details

French Knot Details



I love the soft and pretty color palette we are using for our new product. Its sort of fresh and vintage feeling at the same time, and the soft pink contrasts so well with the sea-foam greens. We will keep you posted on the arrival of these little sweeties in our Savannah store!

Awesome and Easy Crocheted Rugs

Happy April! Spring is here and the warm weather is returning to us down here in Savannah! Just because we are taking off our hand-knit hats and scarves doesn’t mean we stop making things! Spring means nature coming to life. It means sandals and iced coffee; garden parties and fun new projects! We realized that we have been so into knitting projects lately and thought the perfect way to start out the new month would be with a fun crochet project!

For a lot of people Spring is not only a great time to don some fresh new fashion, but also a time to spring-clean and redecorate! One of the easiest ways to spruce up a room is to throw a colorful and pretty rug on the floor, so here are some of our favorite options.

crochet edging

My next project is definitely going to be an over-sized doily rug. They are just so charming and feminine! The one above is made by Heins Home , and they also make really great little ottomans and stools. What I love about this project is that you could potentially find any sturdy fabric you like to add this lace edging to! It is a lot less crochet work, but you still get that beautiful lace-like feel. Although they don’t offer you this pattern, there are tons of edging patterns you can use on Ravelry and the like. I found this one that seems pretty similar to the one above.

doily rug

I am in love with this chunky crochet doily rug from Ladies & Gentlemen Studios! It looks like something your toes could just sink into, and it would add such a dainty touch to any room. I am envisioning them in all different sizes, it would be so cute to have little mini ones all over the house!

t-shirt crochet rugs

tshirt crochet rug detail

These colorful lovelies are a great crochet project because, if you are like us, you have a ton of old t-shirts and fabric bits that can be used to create this colorful rug.  I love how the many different colors work together, and the nubbly texture gives the rug a sort of hippie-dippy hand-made feel. This project comes from Olino Hobby, which is a Russian blog, so although you may not be able to read the instructions, if you already know how to crochet there are easy-to-follow pictures at the bottom of her post.

Cherry blossom applique

rainbow applique rug

whale applique rug

When I found the King Soleil Etsy shop I almost died! They make these adorable crocheted rugs with all kinds of great appliques added on to them. This is a great project for a more basic crocheter. You can make the simple circular crocheted base, and then add all sorts of embellishments to them. The cherry blossom and rainbow rugs above look like the embellishments have been crocheted directly onto the rug base, which is simple and also allows you to let your imagination and crochet hook get a little wild. The whale rug is perfect for a little boys room and in their shop they allow you to pick from a variety of different whales. However, you could cut out any shape you wanted to sew onto your rug, how about a name or inspiring phrase?

turquoise doily rug

Last, but not least, I wanted to include this pretty little doily rug from Camille Designs. Since we are on this doily rug kick, i thought this was a perfect example of a more intricate lacy pattern in a fun color besides white. She has a ton of great little rugs in her shop, so check them out!

Cherry Blossom Color

cherry blossom


a couple of weeks ago we blogged about our ideas for valentine’s day color schemes, and highlighted our attraction to muted pinks and greys. You can read that entry here. Today, however, I am writing to show you guys how we have been taking that inspiration and using to it create new displays for our store! We are a small shop of only three employees and we have been trying to think of ways to do a tasteful valentines display that we can carry on into spring time. Paige is a brilliant idea wizard and came up with the theme of cherry blossoms! They are cute, romantic, ephemeral  and they are the perfect symbol of a new spring season!



Above is an Anthropologie display that was a huge inspiration for our concept. We are hoping to get an awesome hanging display up ASAP.



cb inventory


of course the first thing we did was order some awesome new cherry blossom inspired inventory to grace our spring time shelves.  We are now carrying a whole slew of creamy whites and dusty pinks and purples from our favorite companies including Shibui, Maggi, and Plymouth yarns!

cb inventory 2

paper blossoms

we have been using a lot of our spare time to craft our own little blossoms out of whatever we can find. The ones above are made of pink paper bags and snippets of raffia. The ones below are made of craft paper, which I have been tirelessly folding into little origami buds.

origami flowers


carving out stamps!


sneak peek!

make sure you stop by to see our shop in its full cherry blossom glory, and check out our new yarns that will take your projects seamlessly into the new spring season!

Creative Windows

Creative Windows

For those of you who don’t know us personally, we have rather recently moved to a new space here in sunny Savannah, GA. The move has been great for a lot of reasons, not the least of which are the … Continue reading

Knitting In The New Year

Happy New Year everyone! New Years for us is about fresh starts and new beginnings, about enhancing the old and beginning new endeavors. There are a couple of resolutions (or affirmations as we like to say) that we have been talking about here at Wild Fibre. A few of these involve our physical health, like quitting smoking or drinking more water. However we believe that the more important resolutions are those that focus on mental health and well-being. As artists and crafters the best thing you can do for your brain is exercise it, and what better way to do that than to learn something new! This week we will be focusing on knitting for beginners. Whether you have already tried your hand at a few things, or have never picked up a pair of needles in your life, we have lots of great patterns, tools and resources to share with you to help you hone your skills and knit in the new year!

Lets start with sharing our absolute favorite beginners knitting book, Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook by Debbie Stoller.

Stitch 'N Bitch

This book is really well-known in the knitting community, because its awesome! (DUH). It is full of really comprehensive instructions  for all the basics of learning how to knit, as well as a great collection of patterns that will get you on your way to being a knitting master! Her instructions are extremely easy to understand and are written with a fun attitude that will make you giggle. After you go through that book you can check out one of her other books, Stitch ‘N Bitch Superstar Knitting: Go Beyond The Basics, which will have your working those needles like a pro.

Next up we have two awesome patterns for you that are great for a beginners level. The first is the leafy dishcloth. These wash cloths are real easy and super cute!

Leaf Washcloths

Leaf Washcloths

This is a great project for beginner knitters who are ready to move beyond the traditional square or rectangle, and they make really great gifts. The other thing I love about this is that the simple shape lets you play around with colors if you want to! You can get the pdf of this pattern by clicking Here.

The next pattern we are sharing with the world today is this easy reversible scarf from Turvid. This pattern in available for free on Ravelry.   The great thing about this scarf is that it is easy to achieve the texture, especially if you are a seriously beginner knitter and do not yet have the courage to try your hand at cables, or other more complicated stitches.

Reversible Scarf

You can find the link for this scarf right here.

Check back here in the next couple days for more patterns, inspiration, and some cool resources for beginning to knit in the new year!

Re-inventing Holiday Craft Classics

With the holiday season in full swing the interwebs are full of crafting ideas to make your home or gifts more special and unique. Lets be real, the garish green and red color palettes that are synonymous with Christmas cheer are so…not cheerful! Not to mention they are almost impossible to coordinate in a tasteful way. So how do we craft and decorate without making our homes and accessories look like grandma’s Christmas sweater? There are so many options! Here are some of our favorite new takes on old ideas!

How about adding a twist to the traditional Christmas ball ornament by adding a knit cozy, embellishing with crochet and beads, or simply wrapping them in some awesome vintage ribbon? The knit christmas ball cozy’s below are part of our holiday display in our Savannah store. They are so super easy to make! How about trying some different knit patterns? This is also great because you can easily make them using left over yarn that is lying around your house.

the fireplace in our store

the fireplace in our store

ombre knit christmas ball

ombre knit christmas ball

cable knit christmas ball

cable knit christmas ball

The ideas below come from this blog. It is Russian blog, and we absolutely LOVED their entry on holiday crafts. There are so many great ideas on how to make your holiday crafting and decorating different from the rest!

decorated holiday lightbulbs

vintage ribbon wrapped ornaments

vintage ribbon wrapped ornaments


felted circles

fabric wrapped

yarn wrapped