Cherry Blossom Color

cherry blossom


a couple of weeks ago we blogged about our ideas for valentine’s day color schemes, and highlighted our attraction to muted pinks and greys. You can read that entry here. Today, however, I am writing to show you guys how we have been taking that inspiration and using to it create new displays for our store! We are a small shop of only three employees and we have been trying to think of ways to do a tasteful valentines display that we can carry on into spring time. Paige is a brilliant idea wizard and came up with the theme of cherry blossoms! They are cute, romantic, ephemeral  and they are the perfect symbol of a new spring season!



Above is an Anthropologie display that was a huge inspiration for our concept. We are hoping to get an awesome hanging display up ASAP.



cb inventory


of course the first thing we did was order some awesome new cherry blossom inspired inventory to grace our spring time shelves.  We are now carrying a whole slew of creamy whites and dusty pinks and purples from our favorite companies including Shibui, Maggi, and Plymouth yarns!

cb inventory 2

paper blossoms

we have been using a lot of our spare time to craft our own little blossoms out of whatever we can find. The ones above are made of pink paper bags and snippets of raffia. The ones below are made of craft paper, which I have been tirelessly folding into little origami buds.

origami flowers


carving out stamps!


sneak peek!

make sure you stop by to see our shop in its full cherry blossom glory, and check out our new yarns that will take your projects seamlessly into the new spring season!

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