The Christmas Rush; or Anzula!!

Now if you’re like me, you’ve probably just realized Christmas is exactly three weeks away. That’s only fifteen working days, people! If you hadn’t realized this, you’re welcome. Luckily, this happens to coincide with the recent arrival of Anzula into the shop.

Anzula yarns, shipped fresh from California, are hand dyed and spun from some crazy luxurious fibers such as cashmere, silk, sea cell, and alpaca. Of their sixteen lines, we now carry the cleverly titled “For better or worsted” and the aptly titled “Squishy.” Both are 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere, and 10% Nylon. And both are absolutely perfect for last minute gifts. These yarns have yardage in the hundreds, great for multiple presents right off the bat.

20131204-122750.jpgClockwise from top left: Squishy in Elephant, Candied Apple, Bark, Teal, Ducky, and Key Lime.

Take Squishy, for example. At about 385 yards per hank, two perfectly slouchy Excess hats (free ravelry download here!) are a breeze in this smooth plied fingering weight.

Or for the more ambitious, there’s the Celestarium shawl. Paige and I have been obsessing over this beaded view of the North Pole for weeks, and to my glee Ravelry user BSR123 has a perfect reproduction of it in Anzula Squishy. While her take is in the Elephant, I personally think it could look quite stunning in Teal (pattern for purchase here).

20131204-123038.jpgClockwise from top left: For Better or Worsted in Grace, Elephant, Avocado, Clay, Madam, Country Green, and Root Beer.

But let’s not forget For Better or Worsted. Not only am I a sucker for worsted weight yarn, but I love love a good kettle dyed yarn, and Anzula does not disappoint. The slight variegations in color call for simple stitches, allowing this yarn to shine. And is that not convenient for fast gift making?

Try a Drop Stitch Scarf, seen here in Country Green (free ravelry download here), or a Fisherman Rib Cowl by Wild Fibre favorite Purl Soho (ravelry link here).

If you’re a hat person, the ever popular Molly, previously mentioned in our Madeline Tosh post calls for exactly one hank of For Better or Worsted, which is exactly why a few of my friends should not be surprised if they find this particular hat under their tree come Christmas morning!

Molly hat - In store sample

SO. If you’re like me, now is the time to get a move on! Come see us, we’ve got everything you need (including Anzula!) for beautiful, hand made (and easy!) gifts.


Re-inventing Holiday Craft Classics

With the holiday season in full swing the interwebs are full of crafting ideas to make your home or gifts more special and unique. Lets be real, the garish green and red color palettes that are synonymous with Christmas cheer are so…not cheerful! Not to mention they are almost impossible to coordinate in a tasteful way. So how do we craft and decorate without making our homes and accessories look like grandma’s Christmas sweater? There are so many options! Here are some of our favorite new takes on old ideas!

How about adding a twist to the traditional Christmas ball ornament by adding a knit cozy, embellishing with crochet and beads, or simply wrapping them in some awesome vintage ribbon? The knit christmas ball cozy’s below are part of our holiday display in our Savannah store. They are so super easy to make! How about trying some different knit patterns? This is also great because you can easily make them using left over yarn that is lying around your house.

the fireplace in our store

the fireplace in our store

ombre knit christmas ball

ombre knit christmas ball

cable knit christmas ball

cable knit christmas ball

The ideas below come from this blog. It is Russian blog, and we absolutely LOVED their entry on holiday crafts. There are so many great ideas on how to make your holiday crafting and decorating different from the rest!

decorated holiday lightbulbs

vintage ribbon wrapped ornaments

vintage ribbon wrapped ornaments


felted circles

fabric wrapped

yarn wrapped