Felted High Fashion

The other day while perusing the Citizens of Fashion blog I found this post on Australian designer Dion Lee‘s 2013 collection and was totally amazed by his use of felted wool. He uses this versatile textile to create beautiful garments that explore the duality between modern vs classic, structured vs aqueous, and understated vs striking. Felt has a lot of redeeming qualities. It retains heat, releases moisture, and can be easily cut and manipulated without worry of it unraveling. Dion Lee’s work is a great example of how this usually industrial material can be used to create a variety of shapes and silhouettes.

dion lee 1

I love the look above. It is sort of Grey Gardens meets couture runway. I also love the idea  of a hat being a connected part of an ensemble, it creates a silhouette I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

dion lee 2

The architectural inspiration behind these pieces is obvious, but it is so cool to see how a really raw and industrial point of inspiration is translated into something sleek and streamlined.

dion lee 3

UMM. This jacket is amazing. I love the idea of not only using urban architecture as inspiration, but also the architecture of the human body. This jacket brings the idea of inner structure to the outside. AWESOME.

dion lee 4

I have been looking everywhere to figure out how he achieves this amazing ombre material. It looks to me like the  fabric has been nuno felted in different gradients. For those of you that don’t know, nuno felting is when you felt raw fiber onto a sheer or more open weave fabric such as lace, gauze or chiffon. I don’t have any solid proof that this is how he does it, but it would make sense, as nuno felting was actually developed in his home country of Australia.

dion lee 5

As a woman in the real world it is sometimes hard to imagine yourself actually wearing couture garments in everyday life, but these jackets are something I would sell a kidney for. Check this guy out!

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