Loopy Mango Valentine’s Sale!!


If you know anything about us here at Wild Fibre, then you know our heart belongs to Loopy Mango, specifically their gorgeous Big Loop yarn. And we know you love it, too. So, as an early Valentine’s Day gift to all of you, every Loopy Mango Product in store will be 20% OFF the entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day! That’s right, 20% off all Loopy Mango purchases between February 9th until February 14th. And, as an added bonus, all preorders for Loopy Mango made at Wild Fibre between now and Valentine’s Day will also receive that 20% off, just in case the color or yarn you want isn’t in store. So come on in today and start shopping!

All sale items in store will be first come first serve only; all preorders must be made by 5pm Friday, February 14th to be eligible for sale price.

Madelintosh – Here! Finally!

Tosh! Tosh! Tosh!

The Tosh is finally here after my very impatient waiting and counting down,  and I have no shame at my grade school child lack of control in immediately pulling several skeins for the projects I have been daydreaming about these past 5 MONTHS since we set our hearts on an early fall tosh arrival.

We have 3 yarns bodies here in some perfect early-fall-is-almost-on-my-mind weights. I realize it is nearly half way through September, school is back and leaves are already a’changing in some places, but you remember now! We are in the south! 92 degrees and humid today! Welcome to Savannah, ya’ll!

Madelinetosh Sock is a 100% superwash merino with 395 yards for a 1 skein, 2 full sock deal, super squishy and great for all levels of knitters.


Now aside from its obvious name sake, tosh sock lends its self to a plethora of other projects. You can try looking up any number of Stephen West’s shawl, scarf and wraps, many of which use this weight. Or take a peak at the Hitcherhiker scarf which has absolutely taken knitters everywhere. Go way on a limb, and take a look at this modern boxy take on a pullover purposefully over-sized to flatter several shapes, sizes and ages. Relax by Riniko is a piece I stumbled across sometime ago, and have since shared it with several knitters who come into the shop looking for a different, modern piece. And because of the large areas of stockinette, a hand-dyed yarn like tosh would really be allowed to speak for itself without competing with the construction design.

Merino Light is a 100% superwash merino wool fingering weight single ply with a low twist count, which gives it this wonderfully unique ability to puff up to fill the excess space if knit larger than gauge, making for a light weight, airy, almost see through knit. Celia Rehm, the newest addition to our staff here at the shop, is knitting her first shop sample in Alazarian of merino light on a recent 16 hour car ride, and has been keeping us up to date on progress report pictures. The Knitted Baby Set #100 is a free ravelry pattern; top down raglan with a feather and fan detail and crocheted edging details in a contrasting yarn.  And I have to say, with 10 other color ways to choose from, finally settling on the Alazarian was not an easy decision.



The largest weight for those Early fall cool spells is Tosk DK, a 100% superwash merino 6 ply with 225 yards, that knits more like a light worsted, and is super lofty to boot. I’ve been salivating over the Madelinetosh Creature of Comforts Cardi for over a year now, and have finally committed to a colorway not even shown below (because I claimed all 8 skeins and didn’t want to taunt you with its saturated cobalt blue brilliance).


Check out this great one-skein hat Molly on ravelry. We knitted one up right quick when the yarn got in to add the our ever-increasing hat wall.


That brings us to a close for today. Check out our class listing and fall projects schedule going up tomorrow, Thursday the 12th. Sneak preview, we’ve got sock dyeing, intarsia owl, whales and hedgehogs (Oh My!) and our first community project free and open to participation for those who sign up in time! Limited spaces though, so come back tomorrow and mark your calendars.

Tomato and Oxygen


This palette is probably my top person favorite of all time. There is just something about that intense tomato red and cyan that make my day every time they are used next to one another.

This is either because I look absolutely FABULOUS in both, or they happen to be complimentary and do this wonderful thing called simultaneous color contrast, which is a fancy term from color theory meaning they make each other look more vibrant simply by being placed next to one another.


I love these colors so much, that when I go shopping for yarn or art supplies with no real direction or intent ( which is an impulse I try not to do, as it is me just ASKING to spend way too much) I always gravitate toward this combo! Above is a color-work cowl I started a good amount of time ago. I knit on this when I need to clear my head, have something mind numbingly repetitive and to simply NOT work on a deadline. The red is Spud and Chloe’s Fine in Red Hot and the cyan is something from my stash I never cared to label before I even got to college, which being that I entered school about a decade ago can hopefully excuse the fact that I have no idea what it is.

These two colors along with the lighter neutral greys are part of our in-store color palette sale this August, meaning any yarns these shades are 20% off. This is also extending to the turquoise leather “KNIT” keychains we have in store.  Stop by anytime to grab your own project in these colors, or grab that color combo that makes you tick!

The Renegade Craft Fair : WildFibre in Brooklyn

REn sign


I recently got to spend about a week adventuring around Brooklyn! I’ll admit, I went there to see family and celebrate my birthday, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to have all kinds of fiber related fun times. The very first thing on my list of things to do while I was there was hit up the Renegade Craft Fair. There were more than 300 vendors inhabiting the East River State Park on Sunday, more than enough awesome makers selling their one of a kind wares! Here are some highlights from the afternoon!


One of my goals for the craft fair was to find something unique I could bring back to Georgia to represent my Brooklyn roots! When I happened upon the Snash Jewelry tent I eyeballed this necklace immediately.  There is something so J. Lo about it that I just adore, and she gave it to me for a great price when she saw that light in my eyes! Shanna Nash is her name, and she makes all kinds of great jewelry with an edge, like these sweet dagger necklaces!

dagger neckalce

Snash Jewelry


Type A Fibers

Type A Fibers

Type A Fibers

One of the first tents I came upon was Type A Fibers. She hand spins and dyes all these beautiful yarns in her Jersey City Studio, and it was great meeting an artisan who got as excited about fibers as I did! All of her yarns have really lovely color variations and some of them utilize a really interesting coiling technique that create a really sturdy and textural yarn. She gets all of her fiber locally as well! You can check out her Etsy shop with the link above!


F&A Printing

Paige and I are both huge Song of Ice and Fire fans, so of course I had to snap a picture of these screen printed tees by F&A Printing. I love the one with the Targaryen dragon names, and the House Bolton tee is so awesome! If you were in a great House of Westeros, which would you be in? Take your pick and then head to their website to get that Game of Thrones swag!


Little Studs by Ginger Metzger

Little Studs by Ginger Metzger

Little Studs by Ginger Metzger


I was so amazed when I stumbled on the Little Studs tent! She was sitting there crocheting these sweet little earrings, and I am definitely looking forward to getting something from her Etsy shop! She also attached her teeny creations to hairpins which is definitely right up my crazy curly-haired alley. I am always baffled by people who can work on such a small-scale, so kudos to you, Ginger!










I just love the stubbly nubbly texture of Urban-Revisions glass jewelry. The rings and necklaces come in beautiful feminine color palettes that are perfect for the summer season. What really caught my eye was their lovely little hanging pieces., perfect for hanging individual flowers or plant life. Could you imagine a collection of these hanging from an outdoor space? so pretty!



The Michiko Shimada tent had all kinds of great little ceramic pieces. Including these sweet little porcelain twig spoons!

There were two other tents I loved perusing, but did not get great pictures out of. The first one was the Fabric Horse tent. You are probably familiar with their utilitarian and stylish utility belts. Everything is made in Philadelphia, and they re-purpose things like old seat belts to make accessories for the urban commuter. I happen to own one of their U-lock holsters, and it is super handy and sturdy.

fabric horse

fabric horse


fabric horse

fabric horse


The other tent I stopped into was for the British brand Zeena. She makes really great Scandinavian inspired printed textiles, and other little products like crafting tapes and pin cushions!







I had such a great time at the Renegade Craft Fair! I only wish I had more funds and time to stop and see everything!









Manos is Here!

Yay! We just received our shipment of Manos Del Uruguay’s Maxima ultra-soft merino! These kettle-dyed yarns are handmade by artisans all over Uruguay to help sustain their communities. The subtle marbleized color of these hand-dyed skeins create beautifully rich color palettes for your next project, and we have some great colors in stock!


speeding ticket

speeding ticket
















Not sure what your next project is? Well we have some great ideas for some spring time Manos Maxima fun!

beaubourg sweater

beaubourg sweater back

The Beaubourg sweater is perfect for breezy spring nights and perfect for dressing up or for more casual occasions. The pattern is also way easy to knit up, not to mention it would look great in any of the awesome colors we are carrying! The pattern is for sale on Ravelry.


star crossed slouchy beret


star crossed slouchy grey the star-crossed slouchy beret is great for any season and is an awesome project for beginners. This makes a great first cable project if you are venturing into more advanced knitting projects! And best of all the pattern is available for free!






The Brioche hat and cowl from the Purl Bee are so bright and fun, we had to include them as a project idea! These two wearables are also a great project for beginner knitters and the color possibilities are endless. We are big fans of the highlighter trend, and we are currently carrying this exact color! The pattern and directions for construction can be found in the above link!



This bandanna cowl is sooooo sweet! I would love it in a brighter color, and I think I will have to make one. Once again, this project comes from one of our favorite knitting resources, The Purl Bee. There are a variety of yarns that could be used to create this cowl, but the subtle changes in color that you get with Manos Maxima would add a really great effect to this easy-to-make textile!


Come grab some of this sweet yarn while it lasts!!


Heather Rhoads’ Adorable Clay Stitch Markers

I was just perusing the interwebs and Etsy, when I came across The Lemonade Shop . And oh my gosh is it adorable! Heather Rhoads makes her own mini clay stitch markers and crochet hooks with all sorts of themes and characters. Who could resist working with these little cuties!

matrushkya markers

Matrushkya Doll Stitch Markers

French Toast?! Just kill me with cuteness!!

French Toast?! Just kill me with cuteness!!



She also makes little Chewbaccas!

She also makes little Chewbaccas!

Bunny Slippers

Bunny Slippers


Visit her Etsy shop to get your crafting fingers on her adorable hand painted creations! I can’t wait to see these little guys dangling from my next project!

Seed Stitch Obsession

seed blanket

Seed stitch knits have been all over this past winter season and we love the stubbly, nubbly texture that this stitch lends to any textile! This is Purl Soho‘s Double Seed Stitch Blanket and it is the perfect blend of class and comfort. The gentle pearlescence of their Oyster Gray Super Soft Merino + the simplicity of the double seed stitch = a blanket that adds a chic and cuddly element to any room! Imagine the color possibilities!

seed blanky 2

seed 3

Purl Soho provides you with this pattern (plus a lot more amazing projects) on their blog. Here is another super sweet project from them, the seed stitch wrap! We love the different fields of color in this over-sized wrap. It is the perfect example of this simple stitch working well with different yarns and colors.



This pattern calls for four different types of yarn, which really shows off the versatility of seed stitch, and all of which are for sale on their website!

gap tastic

A couple of months ago Gap was selling these awesome loopy cowls in a ton of bright colors. We found this free pattern on Ravelry that is modeled after their product because who doesn’t love name brand fashion for half the price?

seed stitch rug

The nubbly texture that seed stitch creates makes a warm wearable textile, but can also make a great addition to your home decor. This mini seed stitch rug from A Crafty House is too adorable, simple to make, and makes a great accent in any room. Not to mention its soft and cushy under your toes! I am making one of these ASAP!

seed stitch rug 2


Malabrigo : Need I Say More?

Malabrigo Yarns is one of the most adored and sought after yarns of fibers enthusiasts. Sumptuous merinos, silks and a variety of different weights are just the tip of this yarn company’s iceberg. Their kettle dyed yarns have colorways that you simply CAN NOT match. Go ahead..try it. Every time we order stock from Malabrigo it goes FAST, which is why we are letting you know now that we just received a new shipment! We now have four different varieties of Malabrigo yarn in stock just waiting for your nimble fingers..knit it…weave it..ply it..come in and BUY it, because it will not last long!

Malabrigo Lace:

malabrigo lace colorways

Malabrigo Lace colorways we carry

Malabrigo Lace yarn is the perfect blend of soft + light + fuzzy. Need a cardigan that adds color and elegance without adding weight?  The Whisper Cardigan is the perfect balance of lofty and light and makes the perfect knit for chilly southern nights. The pattern for this little lovely is for sale on Ravelry here.

wispy cardi



floofies whorl

floofies whorl 2

we love this pretty, light weight cowl! The scalloped edges are so dainty! The pattern is called Floofie’s Whorl, and it is free on Ravelry!

Silky Merino

silky merino

Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn is pretty much as soft and lustrous as you can imagine. This DK weight, single ply yarn is great on a variety of needle sizes. It is just fluffy enough that it will beautifully fill out the stitches when using larger needle sizes. There are so many beautiful things you can make with this yarn, here are a couple of our favorite patterns!

Enrejado Shawl

enrejado 2

The Enrejado Shawl showcases the subtlety of the color changes in this yarn perfectly and is classy, soft and feminine.

roku mits

roku mits 2

mulled wine mits

mulled wine mits 2

Above are two different types of mitts that use the Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn, and are perfect for beginner knitters. The top ones are called Roku Mitts, and the pattern is free on Ravelry! I love that they call for two colors of this fantastic yarn, because once you see them it is almost impossible to settle on one! Also, the geometric pattern on the cuffs are fun and youthful. The bottom ones are called Mulled Wine Mitts and the pattern is also a free Ravelry download. This pattern is great for beginners and also utilizes the unique kettle dyed effect of the yarn.

Malabrigo Rasta


I am going to throw it out there right now that Rasta is my favorite type of Malabrigo Yarn we are carrying right now! The color changes in the silky merino and lace are subtle, the changes in Rasta are dramatic and beautiful! These yarns are super bulky, 100% merino wool, and are slighty felted, which make them real easy to work with!  There are seriously hundreds of patterns out there that work great for this special product, it was hard to narrow it down to just a couple of our favorites, but are three awesome scarves!

herringbone rasta

herringbone rasta 2

This Herringbone Cowl pattern is perfect for the color variations of the Rasta yarn! Each stitch gives its own little pop of color!

Aujourd'hui cowl

sunday 2

The geometric feel of the Aujourd’Hui Cowl is beautiful in contrast with the organic change of colors you get with Malabrigo Rasta!

convolution scarf

convolution 2The Convolution Scarf was just too sweet to pass up sharing with you! It’s very versatile and it has the effect of being a complicated cable pattern, when it’s actually perfect for beginners! The pattern is for sale on Ravelry



This single ply super bulky yarn has a great slubby, thick and thin texture and makes a beautifully chunky and organic textile. The colors of Malabrigo Gruesa are not as variegated as the Rasta yarn but come in lovely bright colors that make a bold statement no matter what you create with it.

gold inflation

gold inflation 2

The Gold Inflation Cowl is simple and lofty, and shows off the subtle changes in yarn thickness that makes Malabrigo Gruesa so great!

autumn hat

autumn 2

The Autumn hat is a simple and comfortable slouchy beanie that makes a perfect gift for your girlfriends or guyfriends!

There are so many project possibilities with Malabrigo Yarns, and we will continue to share our favorites!